Arrowhead Silver Ring - R28
Arrowhead Silver Ring - R28

Arrowhead Silver Ring - R28

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The trendy, tribal, Obsidian Arrowhead Ring has an alluring quality. Sourced from Mexico, created by solidified lava, and completely made by hand. Obsidian is known to protect those who are sensitive to depression.The glassy raven color of the obsidian can be arresting. Even as it evokes Native American battlefields as they would often fashion arrowheads by hand into spears and other weapons. Obsidian is respected as a stone of protection as it blocks negative energy. Pair with the Obsidian Arrowhead Earrings to really make a statement!


  • Handcrafted .950 Fine Sterling Silver by artisans in Mexico.
  • Stone: 50mm long x 18mm wide, 6mm thick Obsidian Arrowhead.
  • Band width: 6mm.
  • Adjustable 6mm Shank.
  • Fits ring sizes: 5-10.
  • Stone will vary in size and shape!